Pumpkin Apple Cider

Continuing with the Fall theme I decided to brew my own cider. It’s not the first time. I did it once before with reasonably good results. However, I saw somewhere a pumpkin flavored apple cider and I thought hmmm…. I did try the Woodchuck Pumpkin Cider from the good folks in Vermont and I wasn’t overly impressed, but I thought I would try it out anyway. I am actually very pleased with the results. The cider came out with a very bubbly champagne-like feel to it, but the pumpkin adds some body and cuts the sweetness of the cider, making it mellower and smoother. About the only problem is that the pumpkin didn’t smoothly mix with the cider and separates a bit. I’ll try to figure that one out in the next batch, but if you don’t mind mixing it up slightly, this is a great Fall refreshment. To make a 5 gallon batch you will need: 5 gallons of unpasteurized apple cider (I bought the Trader Joe’s version) 1 15 oz. can of pumpkin 5 tsp of yeast nutrient 3 tsp pectic enzyme 1 WLP 755 English Cider Yeast All you have to do is put the cider in a 6 gallon or larger bucket, add the other ingredients, including the yeast, making sure to stir in the yeast for about a minute, seal the bucket with an air lock in the lid and wait about 2 weeks. Then get some bottles, prepare a solution of priming sugar (5oz of priming sugar available at a home brew shop added to two cups of water brought to a boil, then cooled to 80 degrees), add the priming sugar to the bucket before bottling and mix it in. This will help create carbonation in the bottles. Then siphon the cider into the bottles and cap them. In about two weeks time, you will enjoy this tasty delight.

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