Etrusca by Dogfish Head

I recently read about Dogfish Head’s new brew, Etrusca, and decided I wanted to try it. I found it this afternoon at International Wine and Beverage on Lee Highway. Etrusca is a collaborative effort with Birreria Brother Brewers and biomolecular archelogist. They researched ancient Etruscan warrior tombs in Tuscany to figure out what they drank and if they could replicate the recipe. They found drinking bowls containing evidence of tree resins, beeswax and honey, whole pomegranates, hazelnuts, grapes and apples. The beer takes this combination and runs with it. I wasn’t sure what to think at first, but it is very tasty. I didn’t detect strong individual fruit flavors, so the fruit was not overpowering. You can taste the honey, though it is not overly sweet. It is very smooth. I would definitely have this beer regularly, but for the $11.99 price for a 1 pint, 9.4 oz. bottle.

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