Found Great Lakes Christmas Ale!

Well, I finally found some Great Lakes Christmas Ale. It happened totally by accident. I had a day off from work and wanted to head into downtown DC and find a place with good local brews and good food for lunch. I was looking for beer by 3 Stars, a local brewery in DC that has absolutely fantastic beer, but they are so small it is only sold in restaurants in DC. I looked at their website to find a place and settled on Scion Restaurant in DuPont Circle. It turned out they had no 3 Stars on draft today, but they did have Great Lakes Christmas Ale. I was disappointed and excited all at once! Anyway, I liked the GL Christmas Ale a lot, but I’m not sure it lives up to the hype of selling out in s short time everywhere that gets it. It was an ale with amber color. It had a thick white head that dissipated quickly. The body was fairly light. It had a slight buttery flavor with a little noticeable honey and maybe nutmeg. It was not overpowering on spice. It was similar to Bell’s Christmas Ale, but I would rank Bell’s as better. It had a little bit less creamy and vanilla-y flavor than Bell’s.

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