I went to one of my favorite local restaurants for lunch and to try out some beers a couple of days ago. I’m just getting around to writing about it now. I love Rustico. They have great food and a great beer list. Their beer manager also runs the beer list for Churchkey in DC, the local mecca of craft brew. Today, since there were a few entries from Slumbrew on the list I thought I’d try a couple. I tried the Happy Sol, a hefeweizen made with orange peel, coriander and blood oranges, and the Slumbrew Flower Envy, a Saison. These are both summery beers that I was having in mid-December. A bit unorthodox, but I was in the mood and they were available. Both were very drinkable and light. The Happy Sol had a nice orangey flavor that was not overpowering, but gave the beer a nice, refreshing citrusy feel. The Flower Envy was a pretty straight ahead saison. Nothing wrong with that. It was a good entry, but nothing in particular stood out.

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