Genghis Pecan Pecan Pie Porter

I have recently been thinking about making a beer with pecans in it. It seems to me they would add a nutty, creamy flavor. Well, I took a trip out to Norm’s Beer and Wine in Vienna, VA. They always seem to have things you can’t find anywhere else. I walked around looking for things, not necessarily, pecan, but anything and they really did have a smorgasbord. I really could spend a lot of time in that store. It’s a good thing it’s a 25 minute drive away. Anyway, I came across Genghis Pecan along with another pecan flavored beer I will review soon and decided to try it. As you can see in the photo, it pours an opaque black with an off white head. It has medium carbonation. The body is creamy as I expected, and very smooth. The pecans were not distinguishable to me, though I did notice chocolate and roasted malt. At 7% ABV, this is not really a session beer, but it is smooth without being overly heavy. I give it a 4 out of 5 proper pints.

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