Stone World Bistro and Gardens

I’ve fallen behind a little on blogging because I took a trip out to San Diego and Denver and didn’t have good computer access on the way. That’s OK because I did drink a lot of beer on the trip and have a lot to say about it. I couldn’t start off, though, without recognizing Stone World Bistro and Gardens. This was the first stop on my beer tour of two of the best beer towns in the country. Stone World Bistro and Gardens is the Stone Brewery’s restaurant and tasting room, which is along side their main brewery and there is a nice little garden path with ponds and waterfalls next to it, where they actually grow some of the herbs they use in their food. There are tables out there as well. The whole place is very relaxing and everyone that works there is extremely friendly. It’s not located in the most convenient spot if you are visiting San Diego, but it’s not far. About a 30 minute drive from downtown to Escondido. They have pretty much all of the Stone beers that are on the market available on draft, along with an extensive selection of other breweries’ products. They also have special events like the “Winter Storm” where they put on draft things not normally available, or that they have had in their cellar for a while. The food is also excellent. It’s a combination of Asian fusion and nouvelle American. Of course, there are also tours and a store next door. I would not come to San Diego and miss a chance to come here. If you don’t have a car or don’t want to drive, there are a number of San Diego brewery tours that have buses to bring you here.

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