Evil Twin Brewing Ron and the Beast Ryan

Run to Norm’s Beer and Wine in Vienna, VA, or wherever else you might be able to find this one. This is a show stopper. Evil Twin is a brewery in Denmark making American style craft beers with a creative twist. This one in particular is a Saison/Farmhouse style ale with some Brettanomyces (“Brett”) yeast added. Brett is a wild yeast that is, until recently, considered the enemy of brewing and wine making. It is commonly used to make Belgian Lambic beers. However, a recent trend in brewing has been to experiment with using it on other styles and to do so by purposely adding it in, rather than just open fermenting the beer. The results can be great, but sometimes it can just make the beer too sour. Thus, the use of a blend of yeasts including Brett has begun at some breweries. The results in this case are awesome. As it happened I had this one with a pork chop and a spaghetti squash mixture with pears and pecans in an apple cider vinaigrette. What a happy accident. The beer naturally has a combination of apple and banana aromas and the slight sour flavor of green apple with some lemon. As you can see in the photo, the head is enormous and the beer retains it well. This gives the beer a light body and feel that is very refreshing. It is still a little cold outside for this one right now, it would be a perfect Spring or Summer beer. It doesn’t stay around long wherever you find it though, so if you can find it, grab it. Five out of five proper pints.

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