Elysian Super Fuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale

Awesome discovery – letspour.com. You can buy West Coast beer on the East Coast and have it shipped. It’s literally crazy how many great beers that are not available normally in the DC area are available from letspour. Including this one. I couldn’t pass this one up when I saw it. I did think it would be a little more orangey tasting, but this is a good beer. It pours a golden color with notes of orange. I didn’t detect a strong scent of orange at first. You are hit with a noticeable whallop of pine and grapefruit from the hops. When you take the first few sips, you will get a little hint of the the orange pith (the white stuff in an orange). It mellows as the beer is exposed to the air for longer and the orange flavor comes out more fully. The hops recedes a little as the beer mellows. This one is very smooth and drinkable. I would have this one again. Apparently letspour.com is already sold out. I give it 4 out of 5 proper pints

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