River North Unified Theory Oaked Imperial Wit

Another brewery I had a chance to check out and was very impressed by was River North. They make only Belgian beers, though not necessarily traditional Belgian styles. Their unique schtick is that they use the same Belgian yeast to make all of their beers. One I had never seen or thought of before was an Oaked Imperial Wit, they call “Unified Theory.” This was a very tasty concoction indeed. As you might expect it was light in color with a fruity aroma and flavor. It had a distinct banana ester-y flavor as well. What kicks it up a notch is the slight oak-y flavor added by the barrel aging and the added booziness of the Imperial style. The booziness was enough to add a little kick without being overpowering. It was a very refreshing beer, but did not seem at all light or weak. I highly recommend, if you come across it. Five out of five proper pints.

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