The Bruery Autumn Maple

As with the Brooklyn Mary’s Maple Porter, I had this one at Scion in Dupont Circle during their Fall Beer Fest. Just like with the Mary’s Maple Porter, the name intrigued me. I wondered what maple would taste like in a beer. I was also intrigued because it was billed as a new take on pumpkin beer. The Autumn Maple poured a dark copper color. I would say it was a Belgian dark ale. It had the familiar Belgian yeast aroma, along with maple, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice (pumpkin pie spices). I read that it has yams in it as well. I didn’t really taste the yams, but the beer was very pleasant and smooth. It did taste similar to a pumpkin ale because of the pumpkin pie spices, except that you could also taste the maple. I would compare it possibly to an imperial pumpkin ale with a rich flavor. I actually had a taste of Heavy Seas Greater Pumpkin along with it and while they were very different, there was a vague similarity. It might be more akin to Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin or Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin. The funny thing is how the name influences your taste. I would have focused on it being a maple beer if the description had not billed it as a different take on pumpkin beer. Anyway, this was a very good beer. I would give it five out of five proper pints.

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