Trve Brewing Death Ripper Common

On my recent trip to Denver, I decided to visit Denver’s “True Heavy Metal Brewery.” I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’d seen their website and knew they had some intriguing beers. For example, one called Diotima was a smoked tea saison. However, the one that stood out was the Death Ripper Denver666 Common. I thought it was going to be a California Common along the lines of Anchor Steam or Port City Derecho Common, but it was different. It poured a dark brown color with a thick white head. It had aromas of roasted malt with a little smoke. It was light bodied, however, and very drinkable. The flavor was along the lines of a brown ale, but with a smoky feel. There was also a slight sour bite at the end. This was a great session beer at 4.2% ABV, as well. I read up a little more on the style and it turns out rather than a California Common, as I thought, this was a Kentucky Common. Kentucky Common is an unusual style, that practically went extinct. The idea is that the brewer would make a sour mash like he or she was making a whiskey, e.g., steep the grains and then keep them warm for 48 hours, then boil and add the hops. This causes the mash/wort to sour a bit before the boil. The rest of the process is the same as any other ale. The other difference between this and other ales is that the base grains include corn and rye, along with some darker specialty grains to give it color. Anyway, it really makes a delightful beer. I hope more breweries pick it up. I give this one four out of five proper pints.

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