Steen Brugge Tripel

This is my first review of a Belgian abbey beer. A friend of mine recently visited St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar in Cleveland Park, in D.C. and the bartender recommended it. I decided to hunt it down and found it at Total Wine in McLean. This one pours a pale orange color with a very fluffy white head. The aroma is banana and malt with a little bread. The flavor is very complex. This one is made without hops, but with gruit instead. Gruit is a combination of herbs that you don’t see used for very much (e.g., mugwort, sweet gale, yarrow, horehound and heather). The resulting flavor is a combination of banana, apple, a little bit of lemon, honey and some bread. It has a relatively high ABV – 8.7%, but it’s well masked by the complex of flavors. It’s very drinkable, though it will sneak up on you. I liked this beer a lot. I give it four out of five proper pints.

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