Southern Tier Warlock Pumpkin Stout

I grabbed this one in a hurry anticipating it would sell out quickly, but I did notice that Total Wine in McLean, VA had a pretty good stock. I typically like Southern Tier beers and I did like the Pumking. As a general rule, I really like pumpkin beer. This one is unique. I did try a pumpkin stout before when I did my breakdown of 13 Pumpkins for 2013, but this one is really unique. It pours pretty near black with a thin white head. It has a relatively light body with light carbonation. The aroma and flavor are very biscuit-y combined with cloves. There is pumpkin and allspice in the after taste, along with some vanilla and cinnamon. The allspice and cinnamon linger for a while in your mouth. I really like this beer and it is growing on me more as it warms up. I look forward to having it again. I give if four out of five proper pints.

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