Crooked Run Brewing, Leesburg, VA

I just checked out the new Crooked Run Brewing Company in Leesburg, VA this afternoon. I read about it along with several other small breweries in an around Leesburg in a recent Washington Post article. It’s very nice, yet small space. There are two long tables inside and two tables outside (with a heater). There are also about 6 or 7 bar stools at the bar. They had 4 beers on draft, though one was not yet tapped while I was there. They run a one barrel system from what I could tell, so you know the beer is fresh. Though from the looks of things this afternoon, maybe because of the Washington Post article, they may already need to expand. I tried their Logan’s Song Pale Ale, Storm IPA and Summer’s Night Raspberry Saison. The Pale Ale was a light copper and was mild, a slight hop nibble with a hint of smokiness. Very smooth tasting and drinkable. I would give it three out of five proper pints. The Summer’s Night Saison was a dark saison with raspberry. It had a mild aroma of raspberry, but a noticeable smoky flavor that overwhelmed the raspberry. I liked this one, but wouldn’t be in a rush to have it again. It was clearly well made, but just not my cup of tea. I would give it two out of five proper pints. The IPA was impressive. It didn’t have a super hoppy bite to it, but it did have some. I actually tend to prefer a little less than the most extreme bitterness. It also had a slight mango and maybe pineapple flavor to it. It was very drinkable. I give this one four out of five proper pints. They have a number of intriguing beers coming soon, including a cherrywood aged Belgian tripel and a blackberry saison. I will try to make it back soon.

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