Allagash Midnight Brett

I had not heard of this one before, but picked it up at the recommendation of one of the friendly staff at my favorite little beer and wine store, Grateful Red, in Arlington, VA. She let me know there was some buzz surrounding it and it was hard to get. I couldn’t pass that up, so I grabbed one. I didn’t really know for sure what to expect, except that it was likely dark and sour. It is definitely dark. It pours dark brown with a small white head. It smells lightly of sour cherries and malt. The body seems light and it is well carbonated. There is definitely a tartness, but it’s not overpowering. It fits well with the fruitiness of the beer. The flavor is of sour cherries, molasses, malt and caramel. It drinks easily and quickly. I find that I’m not a huge fan of the funky beers, but this one was decent. I would have it again. I give it three out of five proper pints.

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