Blue Mountain Brewery Lights Out Christmas Ale

I had some out of town guests in for the weekend and we got tired of the usual DC tourist sites, so we decided to take a short road trip to Charlottesville and check out Monticello, along with the Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, VA. Monticello was awesome as usual and, in case you didn’t know, Thomas Jefferson had a significant brewing operation in his house – they brewed about 200 gallons a year. He didn’t brew the beer himself, but nevertheless, I was impressed. On to Blue Mountain. It is in an absolutely magnificent location looking out toward the Blue Mountains. They have a large outdoor seating area with fantastic views and two corn hole game sets. They also serve food and keep about 10 of their beers on draft at any given time. I tried a flight of all 10 of the beers they had on draft at the time. Some were good and some were not my cup of tea, but based on the tasting, I decided to have a full glass of the Lights Out Christmas Ale. It was really quite delightful. Not necessarily the best Christmas beer I’ve had, but a strong entry nonetheless. It poured a nice mahogany color with a malty aroma. I did not detect any holiday spices in this one. Still, it had a nice bready, malty flavor with a little molasses. Nevertheless, it was not too sweet. It had a nice medium 7% ABV that did give it a little warming quality. It was very drinkable. I give it 3 out of 5 proper pints. The food was also quite good – pizza was good, nachos were awesome and piled high with cheese, salsa, sour cream and jalapenos. They also served a Hoppin’ John black-eyed pea soup for New Years’ that was really good. I definitely plan to come back to the Blue Mountain Brewery many times.

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