The Bruery 6 Geese A Laying

Well this is like Christmas in a bottle. The Bruery has never failed to make a great beer, at least among those I’ve tried and this one is no exception. I wasn’t sure what to expect because it is brewed with “Cape Gooseberries” and I have no idea what those are. Turns out I didn’t have to. This was just plain good. It poured a dark brown with a small off white head. The aroma was of brown sugar, cinnamon and yeast with a little cranberry-ish tint that I suspect was the gooseberries. The flavor was of molasses, vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, cherry, caramel and a little plum. It was nicely balanced, though strong at 11.5% ABV. It does pack a punch that catches up with you after a little while, but this is a great tasting beer. It may have displaced Mad Elf by Troegs as my favorite Christmas beer. The only problem is The Bruery may not make it again. It is the sixth beer in a series that will culminate with 12 Drummers Drumming. I hope they will continue to make it in the future. I give it five out of five proper pints.

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