Bell’s Hopslam

In prior years it seems I always missed this one, but read about how awesome it is. Bell’s doesn’t seem to make enough to keep up with the demand and it always sells out quickly wherever you can find it. I would definitely recommend grabbing it if you can. I happened to be in Fort Lauderdale fortuitously at a time when Tap42, my favorite local beer spot there, was introducing it on tap. I also managed to grab a six pack of it at Norm’s Beer and Wine in Vienna, VA, thanks to following them on their Facebook page. Both places sold out quickly. Norm’s sold out of their six packs within a couple of hours of receiving the shipment and the Manager at Tap42 told me they were 2/3 done with the keg they tapped within the first hour of tapping it. Anyway, on the beer itself. It pours a dark-ish gold color and has aromas of pine and a little citrus. The taste is very balanced considering Bell’s really almost goes over the top with the hops. It is 10% ABV, meaning they’ve added a lot of malt to balance the hop bite. I would say they’ve done a great job. The beer is not heavy, but medium bodied with a refreshing piney, herby flavor. The hop bite is not too strong. If you were looking for a punishing hop bite, you might be disappointed. Also, considering the strength of the beer, it drinks easily. Of course, that means it is best enjoyed in moderation. Some people who a devotees of Great Divide Brewery in Denver might disagree with me, but I say this beer tastes a lot like their Fresh Hop Pale Ale or Hercules IPA. For me that’s saying a lot because I really like Fresh Hop. This beer is really, really good and I wish it was more easy to get. I give it five out of five proper pints.

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