Stone Old Guardian Barleywine

I tried this beer after grilling on the first relatively warm day in March in the DC area after a long Polar Vortex Winter. This is a surprising beer for a Barleywine. Of course, I would expect no less from Stone. Firstly, it poured with a large white head, which I might not have expected from a Barleywine. It had the bread, malty aroma I expected, but it was pleasantly mixed with a floral hops aroma. It was not as syrupy as some Barleywines I’ve tried in the past. In fact, I would say it was not truly sweet at all. It did have a malty flavor with some notes of yeast and alcohol, some bread and molasses as well. However, the distinct floral notes from the hops created a pleasantly refreshing and drinkable beer. You did not notice the strength of it at all. I would definitely have this one again. I give it four out of five proper pints.

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