Otter Creek Brewing Fresh Slice

Otter Creek is a brewery I have had beers from a few times in the past and been disappointed. In particular, I don’t care much for their pumpkin ale. However, this one was a different story. I was inspired to brew my own orange wheat beer and wanted to try something like that and see what it would be like. I went to my favorite local beer store, Grateful Red, and the salesperson recommended this one as being along those lines, though not precisely an orange wheat. I tried it while grilling some chicken on one of a few spotty nice days in April in the D.C. area. I have to say I was impressed. I haven’t noticed White IPAs before this year, but I really like the style. It is an especially refreshing beer on a warm day. A White IPA is like a witbier with added hops. I haven’t had many of them, but this one seemed like a good representative. This also had the added wrinkle of orange slices added to it. The beer poured a hazy straw color with hints of orange in it. It had a nice thick white head. The aroma was of light citrus and hops. The flavor was a hint of the banana esters from the Belgian yeast with distinct citrus notes and a little hop bite, but not overpowering. There was also a slight orange peel note in the aftertaste. It was nicely carbonated as well, really rounding out the profile of a refreshing backyard beer for a warm Spring afternoon. I give this one four out of five proper pints.

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