Dogfish Head Burton Baton Imperial IPA

As a I may have mentioned several times, Dogfish Head is really one of my favorite breweries. I’m reading Sam Calagione’s book, Brewing Up a Business, now. He really has a knack for finding tasty combinations of ingredients to throw in the brew. A few of his experiments have not been so impressive, but he often hits the ball out of the park. He did it again with Burton Baton. So the idea is they blend two styles of beer. An English old ale and an Imperial IPA. They are fermented separately, then blended together and poured into oak barrels. I believe the 90 minute IPA is the Imperial IPA used. This combination really highlights some of the best of both styles. Of course, the 90 minute IPA is one of the best IPAs available. It’s strong flavor comes through. You can definitely detect the resiny hoppy flavor of the 90 minute along with a strong malt backbone. However, there are also flavors of raisins, nuts and figs from the old ale. There is also a definite alcohol burn as it goes down (it is 10% ABV). Still, this comes across as a very smooth beer that paired well with the chicken tortilla soup I at it with, but would probably go well with pizza, pasta and burgers as well. I give this one five out of five proper pints.

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