Dogfish Head Raison D’etre

I was recently reading the book by Sam Calagione called “Brewing up a Business” and came across the story of how Raison D’Etre came to be. Apparently Sam had only a small 10 gallon home-brew system in his original brewpub in Delaware and would have to brew 2-3 times per day in order to keep up. He would get bored making the same recipes all the time and wandered into the kitchen to look for things to spice up the beer. In this case, he took a handful of raisins and added it to a Belgian brown ale. I think this beer would probably be good anyway, but the raisins fit right in and add a little something. It pours a dark copper color with a small white head. It has the aroma of Belgian yeast, aka a little fruit somewhat like banana, but not too strong. There is also a bit of caramel and raisin in the nose. The taste is of brown sugar, raisins, a little molasses or sweet malt and bread. Not real heavy. Easy drinking. Well balanced, and easily hides the 8% ABV. This is my go to beer at Dogfish Head. I give it five out of five proper pints.

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