Forge Brew Works, Lorton, VA

So it was a nice Saturday afternoon and I always like to check out the new breweries nearby. I knew about Forge for a while and had heard good things. I decided to call up a buddy and bring the family and the dog over to Forge for the afternoon to check it out. Of course it involved some bribery for the kids of a promise of frozen yogurt. So my buddy was surprised at the location. Forge is in a small industrial park off the Fairfax County Parkway exit from I-95, near Fort Belvoir. I’ve seen this model many times in other states, but maybe it’s not that common in Virginia. My buddy thought it was in the fancy town center of Lorton. So he was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a pretentious yuppie place. It was kind of bare bones being in a space that could just as easily be a garage (complete with rolling doors). However, I thought it was awesome. And they had these cool high top tables that were wooden barrels with a round table top attached to it. The person behind the bar, who I think may have been the owner was very friendly and liked to talk about beer. It happened that they had 12 beers on draft that day, which is an unusually large number for most nanobreweries. We decided to try all 12 in tasters and then each of us ordered one full beer. I also took home a growler of my favorite. There were too many to effectively write reviews on, but there were definitely a few standouts. I really loved the Belgian IPA and that was what I got the growler fill of. Very fruity with a nice piney hop nose, but very little bitterness given the yeast flavor mixed in with it. They also had a Roggenbier (German rye) that was quite good. One of the people I was with got the Abbey Ale, which was very nice as well. My wife got the Oatmeal Stout, which was very smooth, dark and roasty. The Petite Saison also stood out. It was only a 3.3% ABV beer, but was nicely flavorful and light. A good beer for a hot day. Their Seaward Double IPA is also worth a mention. Nice blend of malt and subtle hoppiness. Very smooth. Almost reminded me of Dogfish Head 90 Minute. Of all, I would definitely recommend the Belgian IPA. They get kudos too because they are dog friendly, meaning we could bring the dog in with us and not leave him outside. They have their own dogs too. I give this brewery four out of five proper pints.

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