The Famous Heady Topper

Well, a friend of mine happens to have a connection to New England where you can buy the famous Heady Topper IPA that gets 100 on Beer Advocate and they can’t keep enough of on the shelves. It comes in a cool silver can. Canning is apparently better on multiple fronts than bottling because it’s lighter than glass, thus the outdoors crowd likes it for backpacking and biking trips. It also uses less packaging material and is better for the environment and it also lets no light in to spoil the beer. Also, it’s cheaper. Anyway…back to Heady Topper. I drank it from the can so it was a little hard to tell about the head and the color. It appeared to be a light golden color. Very bright aromas of floral and citrus hops. This is followed by a complex attack of hop flavors on your tongue. The citrus catches you first, and is sharp. That is followed by a more floral or piney flavor in the midst of the flavor wave. It has a kind of creamy mouthfeel to it as well. There is some malt backbone, but the hops are way out front. This is clearly a well made beer with very complex flavor. I’m not a huge fan of the sharp citrus bite of this and West Coast style IPAs. I will give it four of five proper pints for being very good and well made, but I will stay shy of five because I’m not a fan of IPAs with a really sharp hop bite.

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