Blue Mountain Barrel House Sour Banshee

Sour Banshee is made by the more experimental branch of Blue Mountain called Blue Mountain Barrel House. They earlier had a Sour Devil, which was their Dark Hollow Imperial Stout made with wild yeast. Sour Banshee seems more like a dark ale made with wild yeast and aged in oak bourbon barrels. It pours a mahogany color with a light, fluffy white head. The aromas are of sour cherries, bourbon, and bread. The flavor has an interesting mix that hits in alternating waves of sour cherry and an oaky bourbony flavor. The sourness is not overwhelming, but if you don’t like sours, it might not be appealing. As it warms, it even gets a little more sour – a little more like granny smith apples. Still, the oak and bourbon flavors hang on as well. I liked this beer, but it wasn’t my favorite. I liked the Sour Devil better. I would give this one two and a half proper pints.

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