Avery Five Monks Quintuple

I found this gem at one of my favorite beer hunting haunts, Norm’s Beer and Wine in Vienna, VA. Avery is one of the all time great breweries, especially when it comes to making tasty, big beers. This one is no doubt a large beer. The alcohol clocks in at 19.38%. As far at the style, I’m not sure there really is any such thing as a quintuple, but this is a quad on steroids. It pours a dark brown with little head. The aroma is of cherries and bourbon. The mouthfeel is slightly creamy and full. The flavor is a unique cacophony of bourbon, cherries, figs, vanilla and a little chocolate with a whopping shot of alcohol. You must enjoy this slowly. I don’t know if you can drink it quickly. It’s just so silky. Thankfully, it’s not too sweet, as beers this strong can sometimes be. I really like this one, but you might need to be in the mood for a big beer. I had it with some dark chocolate for dessert. I think that might be the ideal. I give it five out of five proper pints.

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