Lost Rhino Bonedusters

I read about Bone Dusters a few months ago and have been very anxious to find it and try it, so I was excited when I found it recently at Total Wine in McLean, VA. Apparently, one of the co-founders of an organization called “Paleo Quest” got the idea that it might be fun to combine science and beer by scouting for yeasts that might be found hanging out on fossils. He teamed up with one of the brewing scientists at Lost Rhino, Jasper Akerboom, to see what they could find that might work. They found a yeast on a 35 million year old whale fossil that happens to be related to a yeast that is commonly used in beer and wine, but was a little different. When I first heard of the project, I thought they were just going to use any old yeast they might find, but this was a lucky find indeed. Lost Rhino is pledging a portion of the proceeds from the beer to Paleo Quest’s research. On to the beer. When you pour the beer into the glass the first thing you notice is there is very little head. It wasn’t flat, but the head was just small. The beer smelled like cooking bread, maybe pumpernickel. When you taste it there is a very slight sourness, but the taste of bread is very pronounced. There are some hints of cherries and vanilla. The taste lingers in your mouth for quite a while, but doesn’t change much over time. Overall, it tastes like an Oktoberfest to me, rather than an Amber Ale, as it is labeled. It wasn’t my favorite beer in the end, I’m sad to say, but my hat is off to the creativity. I give the beer itself two out of five proper pints.

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