Crooked Run Summer Night Raspberry Dark Saison

Crooked Run is one of several exciting new breweries opening in Loudoun County, VA. Crooked Run happens to have what I think is the best location of all of them, being in downtown Leesburg, within walking distance to a number of great restaurants and shops. I’ve written about it before, but I wanted to write up this specific beer because it’s so darn good. I’m not sure if I was just off the first time I tried it, or this batch is better than the first one I tried, because it’s a lot better than I remember. I recently tried it at the Virginia Craft Brewfest on August 23, down at along the “Brew Ridge Parkway” in Nelson County, VA. It struck me that this is a really complex, silky dark beer, but it’s also perfect for Summer. This is critical to someone like me who really likes Fall and Winter beers better than the lighter Summer beers. This one pours nearly black with a thin white head. It could be the pours I had, but it’s not super carbonated either. It looks like a stout or a porter. However, it does have a subtle aroma of Belgian yeast and fruit. Still, this is not a fruity beer. It tastes like a dark Belgian dubbel, especially in the first sip. A subtle berry flavor follows, but never turns into a full recognizable raspberry flavor. I’m thinking the combination of the malts and yeast masks the distinct raspberry flavor and they all complement each other. Instead you get a combination of yeast, with notes of nuts, berries, a little raisin and a subtle non descript red wine flavor. The raisin and wine become more pronounced as the beer warms. The complex flavors mask the 7.5% ABV nicely. I had it with an orange birthday cake and also with a steak and it complemented both perfectly. I highly recommend this one. Five out of five proper pints.

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