Green Flash Road Warrior

I’ve been really excited lately to see Green Flash in Northern Virginia. I came across them once by accident in San Diego while visiting the Stone Bistro and Gardens in Escondido when I Googled other breweries and found Green Flash about half way back to where I was headed in San Diego. I really liked virtually all of the beers I tasted, but once I got back to the East Coast I couldn’t get them…until now. Apparently, they soon plan to open a brewery operation in Virginia Beach, adding to the already burgeoning Virginia beer scene. This beer is an Imperial Rye IPA. The it pours a nice dark copper color with a thick white head that lingers. The aroma is very piney and citrusy. The flavor is a deep toffee and brown sugar with some bread, along with a flowing combination of grapefruit, mango and pine from the hops along with a little spicy twist from the rye. Very complex. It is a little boozy, but still nicely flavored. Very pleasurable. I would give this one five out of five proper pints. I could just about drink this any time.

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