Perennial Pineapple Kumquat Berliner Weisse


When I saw this combination of ingredients in a Berliner Weisse at the beer store, it made me stop and take notice.  I was hoping it wasn’t too fruity or pineapple-y or too sour.  I decided to try it out with some pizza because it seemed to me the flavor combination with a slight sour I expected from the Berliner Weisse would probably do well with pizza.  Well, I was not disappointed.  I would say the pineapple was not strong, but was present in a subtle way.  I don’t know what Kumquat should taste like in beer, but I didn’t notice anything resembling it, except for a general citrus flavor.  The flavors that stood out to me were citrus, pineapple, maybe also a bit of mango and the slight sour of the Berliner Weisse itself.  The beer was light bodied and well carbonated.  I can’t say I would make it a go to beer, but it was very good.  I would give it three out of five proper pints.

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