Williamsburg Alewerks




I happened to be passing through Williamsburg one day recently and realized I’d never visited the Williamsburg Alewerks taproom.  It was a beautiful Fall afternoon and couldn’t have been a more perfect time, so I decided to drop in.  I’d really only tried their Old Stitch Brown Ale before while enjoying a Colonial dinner at Chowning’s Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg.  That was decent, but not spectacular.  This time I decided to try some of their more kicked up recipes…I went with the Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout called Cafe Royale, a Belgian Strong Ale called Jubilee IX, a Pumpkin Ale, and a collaboration they did with Virginia Beer Company that is a Red Rye IPA.  I appreciated that the bourbon barrel stout was not overly bourbony.  The bourbon nicely complimented the roasty and coffee flavors of the stout.  I would give that beer a solid three out of five proper pints.  I really liked the Jubilee IX.  It had the strong dark fruit flavors of a dark strong ale, along with a slight estery flavor from the Belgian yeast.  The 12% ABV was well hidden.  I could have had a few of these and had to leave in a wheel barrow.  That one I would give four out of five proper pints.  The pumpkin ale was a little too spicy for my taste.  I usually like a little more of the malt signature in a pumpkin ale.  The spice mixture was a little heavy on clove, I would say.  That happens to be my least favorite of the pumpkin pie spices.  I would give that one two and half proper pints.  My favorite of all was the Red Rye IPA.  I love rye in almost anything. This was very refreshing with a slight fruity flavor mixed with a little spice from the rye and grapefruit from the hops.  I could have this beer anytime.  I would give it four and a half proper pints.  Overall, I enjoyed Williamsburg Alewerks and would definitely stop in again the next time I’m in town.

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